Wedding Getaway Car Decor Ideas

Decor Ideas to Customize Your Wedding Getaway Car

When pulling away from your wedding with all of your friends and family cheering your getaway, you don’t want the last image they see of you to be lackluster. You’ve likely rented a fancy car for this moment, but did you consider how it might be adorned?

There are a number of ways to dress up the wedding car that will make the moment special. The Zebra put together a number of excellent suggestions for making sure that the last image everyone has of you from the event is a beautiful one. In particular they emphasize how it is possible to make sure that the car is consistent with the look and feel of your event.

How do you make sure car decor matches the other elements of your wedding? Think back to when you started wedding planning. If you began with floral invitations and this became a theme throughout the wedding, then the car should similarly feel festively floral.

In addition, ribbon that mirrors the colors of the wedding can be used in a strategic way to accent the lines of the car or to just create a feeling of fun. 

After all, if you leave this job to your cousins or your bridesmaids, who knows what they will do with soap on your back windows!

See the infographic below from for wedding car decor ideas on how best to make the perfect wedding getaway.

Another good thought is that you might want to employ the same people who did your invitations to make the “Just Married” sign. This will ensure that this element feels like a part of your luxurious wedding.

Your wedding getaway car can become part of your Save the Date or wedding announcement cards too. It’s a fun way to announce your upcoming wedding date or elopement. The card can show “Just Married” on the getaway car for the couple who want to announce their marriage. We love this Save the Date card below from Mysty and Bella Designs!

Decorate your wedding getaway car with the theme, decor and colors that match your wedding for a personalized look. The wedding photos of both of you in the getaway car will reflect your special day beautifully!