Printable Anniversary Cards for Every Couple

Print Your Own Anniversary Card!

And just like that another year has passed and it’s your anniversary! Whether you’re celebrating one year, five years or a whole decade with your significant other — anniversaries are the perfect opportunity to thank your partner for staying by your side through the good and bad.

To help you make this day extra special, FTD created six adorable anniversary cards that you can print out from the comfort of your own home. These cards are perfect for your spouse, your parents or even friends who are celebrating another year of love. Choose between funny cards for your friends who appreciate a good pun or love quotes for your grandparents whose relationship is an inspiration to you. All cards are available in color or black and white so you can add your own creative touch.

We know that every relationship is different so pick a card that fits the recipient and include a message that speaks from the heart. Depending on your relationship with them, be as encouraging, romantic or funny as you can. As you write, follow these steps for the perfect anniversary card:

Greeting: Start your card by addressing the recipient with an appropriate greeting. A card for your friends should start with their first names. Address your better half with a term of endearment or their nickname. Write “To Mom and Dad” or “For my loving grandparents” to make your family feel special when they open the card.

Write a personal message: Make sure the words you write in the card come from the heart. You can even include a quote if you have one in mind that fits the recipient. If you are writing to your partner, use this opportunity to tell them how grateful you are for their love and what they mean to you. If you’re sending your best wishes to another couple, write about how their relationship has impacted you.

Mention milestones: While every anniversary is worth a celebration, it’s always thoughtful to mention special milestone anniversaries such as the first, fifth, 10th, 25th, 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th and 75th year!

Add specific encouragement: Add well wishes to your card! This is a great opportunity to encourage the couple and wish them strength during hard times or a future full of laughter.

The closing part: Finish the card with something simple like “Congratulations” or write a more personal closing such as, “With love.”

Your personalized anniversary card will be one for the books and surely let your spouse or the couple you’re writing to know how much you care about them.

Click the link below to view and download all the anniversary card designs, with options to download in black and white or color.