Newlywed Tip Jar Ideas and Printables

Once your special day has ended and you are beginning your journey as newlyweds, taking a look back on great memories from the day can be so much fun! When planning your wedding, you may incorporate a wedding guest book. However, it can be a fun addition to also include a newlywed tip jar for guests to fill out. You can create your jar by using a mason jar or box from home or purchasing a container from a local craft store. Decorate your tip jar, then print Personal Creationsnewlywed tips that will go inside. The day of your wedding, place the jar and printables side-by-side with a few pens. Voila! Your guests can now fill out their tips for the two of you. The tips range from first year tips, date night tips, to good old married life tips. This is a great way to remember your special day and get some marriage advice from loved ones! Here are a few ideas to get you started!

Date nights are essential to create romantic or fun times together while focusing on each other without everyday distractions. Setting up a regular date night gives each of you something to look forward to, and will help to deepen your relationship and create lasting memories. Your guests can write out tips for you and place them in the tip container at your wedding. Reading what your friends and family write as suggestions and thoughtful ideas will make it a fun experience for you too!

Marriage is a love relationship, but it’s also a friendship that needs to be nurtured and strengthened to keep your bonds strong. Sharing things in common is one way to keep your friendship solid. Making time for your spouse, showing appreciation, respecting each other, and enjoying things together are some of the keys to a strong friendship. Your guests can add their ideas to your tip jar to help you never stop being friends!

“Happy wife, happy life” is a saying that has a deeper meaning. The most important part of this saying is to make sure your spouse is happy and getting their needs met, and that by putting your spouse first it makes for a happy relationship for both of you! Keep fun in your marriage! Your guests will love adding their ideas and suggestions to the tip jar to help your create a happy life together!

Reading what your guests put in the newlywed tip jar can be a great way to inspire you. Keep your marriage fresh and full of love. One suggestion is to write love notes to each other. You can write your thoughts on a simple piece of paper or purchase thank you cards. They're a thoughtful way to keep your love and marriage strong. Thank you cards and love notes can become keepsakes that will be treasured. Having a hand written note is more meaningful than a text message or phone call, since the effort in selecting the card, and writing your thoughts inside will create a lasting memory. Surprising your spouse with a card in their briefcase, lunch sack or suitcase when they’re away from you, or just leaving one on the breakfast table or pillow at bedtime. This sweet gesture will be sure to bring a smile to their face!

A newlywed tip jar can be a memory of your special day. Make the memory last by reading the tips once a week, or on anniversaries. They will remind you of how much your friends and family care about you, and their wish that you have a very happy life together.