Faux Calligraphy Tutorial for Flawless Wedding Decor

Learn how to use faux calligraphy to create beautiful wedding accents and decor! 

There are many different trends that people incorporate into their wedding. From mason jars to dessert bars there is no shortage of special features that take event design to the next level. A common link between the various trends is that everyone wants their wedding to stand out and be special. Personalized calligraphy is a great way to achieve a special look with the trends that everyone’s using. Of course, not everyone has the ability to create flawless calligraphy or hire someone to do it for them, that’s where faux calligraphy comes in.

The methods used in this faux calligraphy tutorial can be applied to wedding signs, decor or anything else that requires pretty lettering. The look can be recreated with a variety of different media as well including paint, ink, chalk and other as well as almost any surface like wood, chalkboard, metal, glass and ceramics.

The steps are very simple. First, you’ll want to write your phrase or word then trace over it to create a bolder look. Then you’ll need to draw lines parallel to the downstrokes (when you move the line or curve of a letter in a downward motion) tapering the parallel line back onto the initial letter as it approaches an upstroke. Fill in the space between the letter and the parallel line to give it the look of a calligraphy pen stroke.

Voila! You now have gorgeous calligraphy that’s unique and cost-effective. For more details about how to create faux calligraphy, check out this infographic by ProFlowers below and their handwriting practice sheets.

 Practice Sheets (Click on the link to download or view the Faux Calligraphy handwriting and to practice.)

Enjoy the process and your beautiful handwritten creations!