DIY Paper Flowers

Beautiful Paper Flowers Created by You!!

Impressing your guests at your wedding, birthday party or graduation does not have to break the bank or require hours of your time. With today’s social media generation, adding a beautiful photo background for your guests to take endless photos is more than enough and a proven hack to wowing your guests. Backdrops with a colorful and eye-catching design can also double as a stunning decor piece for a bar or dessert table.

Since we’re getting close to spring and that brings along events like Easter, weddings and graduations, we wanted to share these stunning DIY paper flowers from Shutterfly. They are extremely easy to put together since they include cuttable templates at various shapes and sizes for you to just print and get started. Combine both matte and shiny  cardstock colorful paper to match your party’s color scheme and theme. For added detail, think about embellishing with some silk leaves or a garland.

Whether you use this DIY for a party or as a part of your spring home decor, you’re sure to create something lovely!

The step-by-step instructions are easy to follow. We've also included the link to the templates below. Be creative and have fun! 

What you'll need to create the flowers:

  • Scissors
  • Templates (click on the link to print the templates. Follow instructions in Step 1.)
  • 65lb. cardstock Paper
  • Glue gun (don’t forget the glue sticks)


Step 1: Print the paper flower templates on standard white paper. Once printed, cut out each template along the dotted line with your scissors. You will have three different sized petals and one middle rose stencil for a total of four templates.

Step 2: Select the largest size template and place on top of the desired paper sheet. Cut along the edge of the template. Repeat until you have five pieces total and set aside before you begin your next step.

Step 3: Take the mid-size template and position on top of your paper. Cut along the edge. You’ll need four of these. Set aside once done.

Step 4: Repeat the above steps with the small petal template and cut out a total of three pieces.

Step 5: Cut an approximately three-inch slit in the middle of each petal starting at the bottom. You should have twelve petal pieces overall.

Step 6: Overlap the left side of the slit over the right and use the glue gun to stick together. Make sure it has a flat surface on the bottom when you overlap.

Step 7: Repeat the last step on all of the petal template pieces.

Step 8: Take the five largest petals and glue them together to make the base of the paper flower. Begin by simply placing one petal on top of another until you’ve used all of them. We recommend laying out your base strategically first before you commit to gluing just to ensure everything fits properly.

 Step 9: Join together the medium sized petals on top of the base to create the second layer. Make sure to glue on each medium petal by positioning them between the edges of two bigger petals to create fullness.

Step 10: Repeat the above step with the small petals to create the last layer of the flower.

Step 11: Take the rose stencil and begin to roll over carefully, gluing as you go. Keep in mind, it doesn’t have to be perfect — each flower will be unique.

Step 12: Once you have finished with the rose center, add glue to the bottom and place it in the middle of the flower.

Step 13: Fold out all of the petals to give your flower a natural and whimsical effect.

Use your creativity with the completed flowers. Group flowers of different colors together for a stunning look. Use silk leaves or create paper ones to add a natural touch. Hang the completed flowers on a wall, place on tables, attach to the back of chairs, or create a colorful floral backdrop. 

These paper flowers are the perfect decor for parties, weddings, and events. Use paper flowers as part of your place setting. Your guests can take home the flower as a memory of your special day!

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