Creative Wedding Cake Ideas for Every Season

Choose your wedding cake with ideas from the seasons!  

Taste testing cake flavors is one of the highlights of wedding planning! You and your fiancé can try endless flavor combinations and pick a design and taste that is uniquely yours. If you’re having a difficult time deciding where to start, get inspired by these seasonal wedding cake ideas from Zola.

Once you have your wedding date in mind, you may want to incorporate seasonal colors and florals into your design. But why stop at the decor? Wedding cakes can feature flowers and colors to match your theme and taste just as beautiful as they look.

Typically, summer weddings tend to have brighter warmer colors while winter weddings have rich, deep colors. But of course, you don’t have to stick to anything traditional. Surprise your guests and their tastebuds with some exciting flavors. Feature some seasonal fruits to spice up your cake and add a gorgeous topper to pull it all together.

The guides below highlight some creative flavor combinations for each season and suggest color palettes to help you plan your decor. No matter which season you choose to get married in, have a taste of the “sweet” life with your soon to be spouse!

Embrace spring with the flowers, colors and flavors of the season in your wedding cake choice.

Everyone thinks of flowers in the springtime. Featuring them as part of your cake decor, whether you use fresh, artificial, or edible sugar flowers and leaves, will create that seasonal look. Fresh fruit mixed with flowers cascading down, or on top of your cake, will add a fresh accent that your guests will notice.

The colors of spring are typically pastels, or vibrant and fresh hues, that are found in nature. Bright or soft greens, pinks, lavender, purple, yellow and white are common. Incorporate spring colors as the backdrop or accents on your cake.

Macarons in spring colors create a colorful and delicious addition to the cake decoration. Spring fruits and flavors will enhance your cake. Think spring with the use of lavender, fresh berries, lemon or mint to the cake ingredients, or as a filling, to add a delicate taste of the season. 

spring wedding cake ideas

Weddings in the warm summer months bring thoughts of bright colors, summer fruit, tropical florals and outdoor venues. Incorporate the summer vibes in your cake choices with the decor and flavors of the summer season.

Destination, beach or tropical weddings are perfect in the summer months. Decorating your cake with beach inspired colors will inspire thoughts of the ocean. Shells, starfish and coral can be used as a cake topper or decor. Tropical wedding cakes become memorable with the colors of bright greens, orange or red hues in the decor. Add tropical fruits, such as mango, pineapple, banana, key lime, or coconut as a tasty addition to your cake, fillings or icing. Use palm leaves and tropical flowers as a base for the cake, or as a decorative accent. 

Rustic or country weddings in the summer, whether indoors or outdoors, have a charm that can be reflected in your cake choice. Watermelon, lemons, strawberries and oranges can be used as ingredients in your cake or filling. Carrot cake, red velvet cake, strawberry or lemon cake are traditional summer flavor choices. Adorn the top of the cake with sunflowers, daisies or wildflowers for a relaxed summer look.

summer wedding cake ideas

Wedding cakes in the fall can incorporate the spices and flavors of the season. Flavors such as pumpkin, sweet potatoes, carrots, apples, pears, pecans, caramel, ginger and cinnamon are some examples of what you can use in your cake to capture the essence of autumn.

Fall is symbolized by the colorful shades of gold, red, orange and browns in autumn leaves. Use those colors in your cake decor along with natural elements, such as edible fondant or sugar acorns, pine cones, nuts, leaves and fall blooms for a special warmth and glow. 

fall wedding cake ideas

Weddings in the winter have a special sparkle with rich colors, winter white, greenery, metallics and festive accents. Use these aspects in your cake decor to bring the season into your celebration. Select cake flavors that echo that theme. Rich chocolate, vanilla, raspberry, red velvet, apple and cinnamon cakes are great choices for a winter wedding cake. Scents are important in the winter too, and can be used on top of your cake. Some ideas are shaved chocolate, cinnamon, peppermint, and gingerbread.

Decorate your wedding cake with an elegant richness. Use white or red roses as the decor on top, or cascading down the sides of the cake. Create a wedding cake that has a winter wonderland feel with white icing mixed with glimmers of gold or silver. Add greenery, red berries or flowers as a topper or base for a natural look that symbolizes the season.  

winter wedding cake ideas

A wedding cake is a traditional symbol of the joyous union of two people. Sharing the cake with guests is a way of sharing your love with those who love and support you. Your wedding cake can be celebrated and remembered with photos taken during your special day. You can also use the symbol of a wedding cake in your bridal shower invitations, thank you cards, and more.