Creative Proposal Idea Printables

Thinking of popping the question to your significant other? Considering your partner's favorite hobbies, food, and idea of romance, there are many ways to plan the perfect surprise proposal. With fun ideas from Zola (even getting your pet involved!), here are creative ways to propose to your partner and free printables to help, including printable love quotes to get you started. Whether at home or in your favorite restaurant, you’ll find the perfect idea to plan your surprise!

Indoor Proposal Ideas

Is your partner more of an introvert who prefers quiet quality time together? They’ll love these intimate, indoor proposal ideas.

Hire a Chef at Home

Instead of dining out at a favorite restaurant, have a date night dinner at your place with a hired chef. Set the stage by sending your partner a photo of the menu before their arrival. Have the chef prepare your partner’s favorite appetizer, entrée, and dessert. After finishing your entrées, have the chef bring out the dessert: the engagement ring.

Create a Video

If you’re savvy with video content creation, consider creating a video. Compile different moments that you and your significant other have spent together, such as snippets from your phone and social media. You can create a story timeline from the time you both met to your most recent moments, followed by you proposing.

Candlelight Home Surprise

Create a pathway in your house using candlelightand romantic quotes. Once your partner enters, they will follow the dimly lit path of love quotes to the engagement ring.

Breakfast-in-Bed Proposal

Treat your partner to a delicious breakfast-in-bed. You can get creative by serving heart-shaped pancakes or strawberries as a symbol of your love. Bring in the dish on a meal tray with a love message hinting to your partner where you’ve placed the ring.


Proposal Ideas for a Favorite Hobby

Incorporating your proposal into your partner’s favorite pastime is a great way to catch them by surprise. Check out a few of our favorite hobby proposal ideas below.

Take a Couple’s Paint Class

Plan a fun couple’s paint class. You can check for art studios and restaurants that host paint nights for special occasions. During the session, paint your proposal question, making sure your canvas isn’t visible to your partner. Then, once the paint session ends, turn your canvas around to reveal your message.

Fishing Surprise

If you or your partner enjoy fishing, spend a romantic afternoon by the lake. When your partner isn’t looking, place the engagement ring on your fishing hook. Call your partner over and say you’ve caught something big. It’ll be the “perfect catch.”

Trip Down Memory Lane

Put together a collection of treasured memories that you both share in a box. This can include items such as you and your partner’s favorite games, songs, photos, books, and snacks. Hide the ring box beneath the other items for your partner to discover.

DIY Scrapbook

Recreate the above idea as a scrapbook! Put together a decorative book full of you and your partner’s favorite things using photos, images, stickers, and written messages. Dedicate each page to a particular hobby or activity, such as your favorite vacation trip or music. Reserve the last page for the written proposal or the engagement ring taped to the page.

Bookmark Proposal

Is your partner a bookworm? Sneak in this creative bookmark proposal in the book they’re currently reading. Your partner will never suspect it!


Proposal Ideas with Pets

Pets are family too! Try these cute proposal ideas that incorporate your furry friends.

“Marry Us” Collar Sign

Hang an adorable proposal sign around your dog’s collar before your partner takes them out for a walk. 

Paw-print Proposal Cards

Create a thoughtful card with a hand-written message of your proposal. You can decorate the card with your cat or dog’s paw prints. You can use water-based, non-toxic paint that is pet-friendly, as well as non-toxic ink pads.

“Fetch the Ring”

If your dog loves playing fetch, have him or her fetch the ring! Secure the ring onto an item that’s easy for the dog to bring, such as a frisbee or stuffed animal.


Playful Proposal Ideas

One of the best things you love about your significant other is their sense of humor. Share some laughs and great memories with these playful proposal ideas.

Bathroom Mirror Message

Use lipstick or a dry erase marker to write your proposal on the bathroom mirror. This will be one trip to the bathroom your partner won’t forget!

Ring-Pop Proposal

Does your partner have a sweet tooth? Pop the question using the tasty Ring-Pop candy. This could be a fun photo to share with your family and loved ones to announce the engagement.

Game Night Proposal

Insist that you and your partner host a game night with family and friends (who can also be in on the surprise). You can use a word game like Scrabble to spell out “will you marry me?” with the letters. For artsy games like Pictionary, you can draw a ring or a figure down on one knee.

Music Song Playlist

Create a music playlist of all the favorite songs you and your partner share. Towards the end of the list, add in some romantic songs about love and marriage, such as Marry You by Bruno Mars. Choose an evening where both of you can enjoy listening to the playlist, such as while cooking dinner. The end of the playlist can be the moment you pull out the ring.

Scavenger Hunt Surprise

Leave notes of clues around the house for your partner to find. Each clue can lead to the next, and the final clue will reveal the hidden engagement ring. 


We hope you enjoy these creative and unique ideas to help with your proposal to the one you love!