Beach Elopement Ideas

A Guide to Beach Elopements

Major life events like birthdays, graduations, and weddings that celebrate what’s important to us may have been canceled due to COVID-19. For many, a lot of anticipation and planning happened as you prepared for your big day, but because of the pandemic, that planning came to a hard stop. It’s safe to say that weddings will look very different in the future and more will celebrate in smaller, more intimate ways.

However, making a new date to tie the knot doesn’t have to be complicated. A change of plans can be just as special as the original wedding you were supposed to have. Consider going a different path and have an elopement. Better yet, have it on a sandy beach! Fortunately, an elopement requires fewer details, less spending, and not as much planning. A beach elopement can provide a great intimate and tropical setting where you can celebrate with those closest to you.

All the details that go into how to make your day as special as possible can feel overwhelming, but these inspirational tips can help you plan the beach elopement of your dreams. Read more for some tips to follow to make sure your dream day come true!

What to Know Before You Elope

Even though elopements are typically more casual, planning an elopement still requires some forethought. Being on the same page as your partner before you dive into the details is important and can ensure your plans run as smoothly as possible. 

Plan the news reveal: Make sure you don’t leave anyone out when it comes to revealing the big news! Consider sending out announcement cards letting your close friends and family know, or for a more casual option, make some phone calls.

Do your research: Do your research and be aware of the process and legalities of getting eloped. Make sure you know when to register, bring your ID cards and obtain a marriage license beforehand.

Put together a timeline: Sticking to a schedule will minimize any stress and help everything go smoothly. Since this is an elopement it doesn’t have to be a strict plan, but consider where to spend your time on each activity.

Agree on a budget: Planning a budget allows you to prioritize what is most important to you for your elopement. Elopements can be a lot cheaper than regular weddings, but you still need to consider payments such as wedding attire, transportation officiant cost, and possible reception costs such as decor, food, photographers, and more.

Just because your wedding plans have suddenly changed doesn’t mean your big day can’t be special, too. In fact, having just your closest friends and family with you on your big day can be even more memorable.

Check out these ideas from Florida Panhandle to plan the perfect beach elopement. 

Your beach elopement reception can be even more special with less guests, and more money to spend on the details! Here's some ideas:

Add table decor with an elegant coastal or relaxed beach theme in mind. Bring your theme to the table with things found at the beach. Sea shells, starfish, natural elements, and driftwood are good choices. Light up the table with candles and lanterns. Add color and sparkle with colorful sea glass. Choose whites or coastal colors in your dinnerware. Use natural fabrics, like linen or cotton, for your tablecloth and napkins. 

Add a menu card to each place setting to coordinate the look. Customize the menu card with your names and wedding date, and a special message to thank your guests for attending. Create a fan with your menu card to keep your guests cool. The menu card can be a keepsake too.