Art Inspired Wedding Ideas

Wedding decor inspiration from the artistic styles of Art Deco, Pop Art, Art Nouveau, and more... 

Looking for inspiration for your wedding decor and can’t find anything on Pinterest? Consider looking to less conventional concepts. Art history makes for a great source of wedding inspiration. Each movement and era from decades past offers a unique expression of color, shapes, and style. From the exuberance of the Art Deco period to the expressive color use in Fauvism, there is a distinctive art movement for each couple’s stylistic preferences.

Invaluable created these fun mood boards from some of the most beautiful art movements throughout history. Whether you use aspects for custom menu cards or pull from their color palettes, look to each for inspiration and wedding decor ideas. 

Capture the free-spirited extravagance, glamour and romance of the Roaring Twenties and the Jazz Age with an Art Deco or Gatsby wedding theme! 

Create an elegant and opulent table reminiscent of the Art Deco or Gatsby theme at your wedding with gold, black, and white mixed with geometric patterns. A menu card and place card displaying the classic features of the Art Deco period will finish the look.

The Art Nouveau period was inspired by natural forms, and commonly used stylized florals, plants, and animals in its ornamental designs. Add decorative touches to everyday objects to create a beautiful wedding reminiscent of this "New Art" style.  

Fauvism is a style that was introduced in the early 1900’s by modern artists, and was known for bold lines and pure, intense colors that created the emotion in the artwork. Embrace color in your wedding to reproduce this unique design style! 

The Pop Art style originated in New York by artists who used pop culture as the inspiration for their artwork. Andy Warhol is the most well known. Use bold images of everyday items, photos of popular celebrities, comic strips or product labels in your wedding to recreate this energetic look!

The Rococo art style began in France in the 18th century, and was popular in Central Europe and England. The style is highly ornamental, with fanciful curves and pastel colors. Incorporate these elements into your wedding to create a beautifully elegant wedding!

The artist Vincent Van Gogh used bold colors and dramatic brush strokes to create paintings of florals, landscapes and portraits. The Starry Night painting is a highly stylized depiction of a night sky with the moon and stars above a village in France. Recreate this classic painting into your wedding for a memorable evening or daytime event! 

There are many art styles that can be used as inspiration for your wedding theme. Find the art style that you love and incorporate it into your wedding to create a memorable expression of your appreciation for the arts!