17 Creative Home Decor Ideas to Bring into Your Space

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  A new year brings new beginnings, and maybe one of those new beginnings is a refresh on your home’s decor. Whether that’s adding a piece of art or pottery that speaks to your soul, or redesigning your space with functional and creative furniture, there are countless creative home decor ideas that can help you embrace a new style this year, whether you’re living in Phoenix, AZ, or Toronto, CA.

To help you get started, we, along with other experts shared our best advice on the right decor that will spruce up your space for the new year. Check out what we had to say so you can refresh your home’s style!

Embrace a New Style this Year: 17 Creative Home Decor Ideas to Bring into Your Space

Incorporate layers and color in each room

To display the menu cards we design, we created table settings to show how to design your table with layering and color. Staging a home to sell by staging your dining table is what the experts do. It will create a beautiful dining experience that buyers will notice. 

Special occasions or for whenever you want to update your look, you can set your table as an added feature in your home. Your dining table can display colors from your home to blend with your decor, or you can create a pop of color and interest with complimentary hues. 

Layer your place setting with dinner plates, luncheon plates, napkins, and chargers. You can also use placemats on top of a tablecloth as displayed above. Layering adds height and creates a beautiful setting that allows you to use your creativity. 

Napkins and napkin rings are essential to finish the look. Check out napkin folding techniques on the web for instructions on folding. 

Here are some additional examples below that we created for inspiration. Check out other examples on our website menu card page.