Wedding Table Setting Ideas That Embrace the Season!

Make your wedding memorable by incorporating the best of the fall, winter, spring or summer season, colors and creative ideas at your reception! We’ve included some inspiration to help with your planning.

Fall Weddings

Everyone thinks of June as the most popular wedding month, but did you know that September and October are also on the list of the most popular months for weddings? Autumn brings a coolness to the air, but may still be warm during the day in most areas. Outdoor weddings are still a possibility during these months.

This time of year is usually easier for guests to attend too, since the summer vacations have ended, and the focus can be on you and your wedding! Whether you choose an outdoor or indoor venue, it's always a great idea to select colors or accent colors that are found in nature during the fall season, along with natural elements. Select warm tones to create a table setting that reflects the seasonal changes outdoors. 

Winter Weddings

Weddings in the winter season are a great choice for brides and grooms, since during these months the wedding planners, florists and photographers aren't as busy with other weddings. Your costs can be reduced too. Embrace the colors of the season. White, reds and greens are the typical colors, but you can also choose jewel tones, as well as deep blues and black. Think romance and candlelight for your table settings mixed with twigs, branches and greenery. Elegant white table settings and traditional black & white are also perfect choices for the season. 

Spring Weddings

Springtime is all about fresh blooms and soft hues. Incorporating flowers and floral themes into your Spring wedding is a perfect way to celebrate the season and your wedding day! Select flowers that are in season to reduce your cost and to create the look of Spring.

Flowers are always a must at Spring weddings. They can repeat your color theme, and their fresh floral scent creates the mood. Place them in vases on your tables, as a runner in the center of your table, and/or place a single bloom at each place setting. 

Your florist can create beautiful arrangements that are perfect for you and your theme. Combine them with candles for an elegant look. Paper or silk flowers are another great option. They can be made to look like the real thing, and because they last long after the reception, they can become keepsakes and will make great parting gifts for your guests. They are versatile too, since you can use them in a runner, create a wall display, or hang them from the ceiling for a dramatic look.

The traditional colors of Spring are reflective of nature in bloom. Some color options are pinks, light green, lavender, light yellow, peach, lemon, grass green, light blue, turquoise, tangerine, raspberry, fuchsia, lilac, coral and mint green. Combine some of the colors together for a pop of Spring!

Summer Weddings

The summer months of June and August are the two of the most popular times of the year to tie the knot! Outdoor, beach and destination weddings are ideal in the summer. Keep your guests cool at the ceremony or reception with fans and lot of cool drinks. 

The colors of summer are blues, turquoise, neutrals (tan, ivory, white, taupe, etc.) as well as the tropical tones of bright pinks, reds, yellows, and lime green. Beach weddings can incorporate natural objects found near the ocean. Shells, sand, and starfish make great accents. Use lots of candles on your table if your reception is in the evening. 

Nautical weddings are popular in the summer. Natural elements found seaside, such as knotted ropes, seashells, and wood elements will add interest to the overall design. Objects or signs with nautical motifs such as anchors, buoys, portholes, lighthouses, sailboats and ships inspire thoughts of the sea. Whales, lobsters, crabs and other sea life are also associated with the nautical theme. Use them in your dinnerware or as objects on your table. Lanterns are also great choices. 

Barn weddings, lakeside or park weddings, and rustic outdoor venues are great choices in the hot summer months. Keep the table setting relaxed while incorporating the objects and colors of the surroundings. Rustic and barn weddings can be a mix of natural elements of wood, straw, and leather mixed with the fabrics of cotton and lace. String white lights or hang chandeliers from wood beams for an elegant look in the evening.

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