Wedding Dessert Buffet Ideas

On a day filled with love and joy, celebrating with something sweet can only make it that much better. In addition to a traditional cake, why not include other delicious options for your guests to indulge in?

Dessert buffets have become a growing trend for couples looking to sweeten their big day in a unique way and there are endless combinations to choose from! To help you get creative, Shari’s Berries compiled a few of the best dessert buffets that will be hard to forget. Check out the ideas below!

Everyone loves donuts and cookies! Put a smile on everyone’s face when you get creative with a donut or cookie dessert buffet.

Donuts are delicious in bite-sized portions. Rounded donut holes can be displayed in creative ways to entice your guests and beautify your dessert table! Place them on decorative toothpicks or skewers, or in paper cones for a beautiful impression that your guests will enjoy. Use signs on your dessert table for an added touch. 

Cookies have become popular at weddings. Express your personality with your favorite cookies! One favorite for weddings is the sweet macaron cookie. Macarons come in different colors and flavors to make it easy to personalize them to match your wedding theme. Let your guests know what they can select from on your dessert buffet table with a menu card or sign.

Menu Card by Mysty and Bella Designs

Candy buffets have become popular at weddings and there's a good reason, everyone loves candy! The other reason is that you can select candies to match or coordinate with your wedding colors or theme.

Having a 50's retro wedding theme? Choose candies from that era: bubble gum, chocolate coins, black taffy, sugar babies, tootsie rolls, boston baked beans, and more!

A black and white wedding can offer white candy coated almonds or M&M's, black & white lollipops, jelly beans, black licorice, gumballs in black and white, etc.

Customize your candy display to create a fun, festive or elegant buffet. Use clear glass jars, bowls and decanters to show off your candy. To create a festive candy buffet, use metal pails or plastic wine glasses or margarita glasses to display them in. Place candy in small bags tied with decorative ribbon for an easy grab and go. They can be used as wedding favors with your names and wedding date on the label.  

Here's some more ideas!


Pies on your dessert table have become popular, especially with a rustic, country or cowboy wedding theme. Serve the pies in individual portion sizes or full sized. Here are some ideas to spark your creativity!

Your dessert buffet table can be whatever style your prefer, from elegant to whimsical. Create a dessert table that will be memorable and delicious!