Spring Wedding Menu Ideas

Spring Wedding Menu Ideas for Seasonal Inspiration! 

Spring is one of the most gorgeous times of the year to tie the knot! Those of you planning a spring wedding will quickly see how much fun it can be to play upon seasonal influences when planning your special day. Pretty pastels and fresh flowers make beautiful additions to any spring wedding. Consider taking the springtime inspiration a step further and incorporating seasonal influences into your wedding menu as well.

Choose menu items that play upon the fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs that are in season this time of year like lavender, asparagus, and melon. You can even add fresh flowers to your wedding cake to really make it stand out!

Shutterfly created a gorgeous visual that provides menu ideas for springtime weddings. Read on for a little inspiration and then get excited to start planning!

We’ve included some spring wedding place setting inspiration to give your table the springtime color and style that the season celebrates.   

Spring is all about fresh fruit and vegetables! Include them in your salads and appetizers to celebrate the best of the season. Use sprigs of green or even edible flowers on the plate or atop your appetizer selections to create an elegant accent. 

Signature drinks created for the bride and groom are the perfect way to personalize your wedding reception and make it memorable. Spring weddings embrace citrus and colorful fruits that can be used in your signature cocktails and non-alcoholic options.

Springtime entrees are typically the time of year for lighter fare, but with all the flavors of the season infused in the dishes with herbs and fruits from the spring garden. Spring vegetables are the perfect compliment to any poultry, lamb or fish selection that has been roasted or grilled to perfection. A vegetarian option, such as Pasta Primavera or Quinoa Stuffed Avocados will delight your guests who prefer a meatless dish. 

Springtime desserts should embrace the season with fruits and the colors of the season. Citrus and berries are always good options for wedding desserts. They can accompany the dessert or be used to flavor the dessert. Blueberry or lemon cheesecake, colorful macarons, strawberry or raspberry sorbet are all classic choices. Lavender is a fragrant and delicious additive to desserts. Lavender cookies and cakes add a touch of color and elegance to a spring event.

Your wedding reception table should also reflect the season with flowers that bloom in the spring. Use flowers and the colors of spring in your plates, table linens, napkins, centerpieces and menu cards for a beautiful and fresh look. 

Menu cards by Mysty and Bella Designs