Protea Flower Wedding Ideas

When planning your special day, it’s important to choose a flower that is beautiful and unique - just like your love! The protea flower, which boasts 1,600 different species, is known for its big, bold and colorful presence. It typically measures up to 12 inches wide and comes in lively colors such as pink, red and orange. Whether you consider yourself a minimalist or love everything bright and bold, a protea would be a great choice to consider.

If you’re looking for some inspiration for designing your bouquet or a centerpiece, FTD recently shared the five most common proteas used in weddings and some creative ideas for adding this statement flower to your decor. 

The protea flower grows on a bush and is native to South Africa and is one of South Africa’s national symbols. The popular types of protea include the King Protea, Queen Protea, Pink Ice Protea, Blushing Bride Protea and the exotic looking Pincushion Protea. 

The protea flower can take center stage as your wedding theme. Create a dramatic focus on your reception table with vases and other objects filled with their blooms. 

Menu card by Mysty and Bella Designs

Wedding bouquets become memorable when proteas are mixed in with other flowers, or as the main focus when used alone with added greenery. They can create a tropical, exotic or romantic bouquet with their unique bloom. 

The protea flower can also be used as the floral inspiration on wedding invitations and stationery that feature this unique and exotic bloom. 


Wedding Invitation by Mysty and Bella Designs

The protea is a flower that will make a statement with its beauty and uniqueness, and will be remembered as an example of you and your special day!