Express Your Thanks!

SAYING "THANK YOU" is the easiest way to make a difference in someone’s day, deepen friendships, increase loyalty to a business, and genuinely express gratitude. Why is it that the words “Thank You” often go unnoticed or unacknowledged when we hear it often in everyday life? Just saying “Thank You” has lost its meaning and power. We expect it and dismiss it when we check out at a store, conduct business, or interact in a professional manner. Saying “Thank You” can be powerful if it’s used in a genuine and heartfelt way to express your gratitude, and if it’s expressed with specific comments explaining WHY you’re thanking them.

SENDING A THANK YOU card is another way to make your thank you’s stand out. The handwritten thank you card is almost a lost art. Sending a thank you message via text messages, email or on social media has become commonplace. The problem is that it loses the impact and thoughtfulness when it’s sent electronically, even though your message is heartfelt. Taking the time and effort to handwrite the message gives it an importance and personalization that increases the thoughtfulness behind the message. Your note inside can be short. Just a few  words that personally express your thanks in your own handwriting is impactful. Receiving a hand written thank you card can also become a keepsake to be read again and remembered. Selecting a card that reminds you of them or an occasion will make it even more memorable. 


Express your gratefulness with additional phrases that increase the significance of the words “Thank You” to get their attention, and make it more meaningful. Here’s some ideas:

“Thank You. I really appreciate your…”

Detail what you are appreciative of to personalize the “Thank You”. Many of us rarely hear the impact we make on others, or get appreciation for what we do, or who we are. We often remember the unkind or critical things that are said to us, and disregard the compliments and appreciative remarks. I was a manager of a small group in the past, and I would let my employees know what I appreciated about them, and thanked them for their efforts. Positive reinforcement is a powerful tool to increase worker satisfaction, and motivate them to continue those behaviors. Many were surprised to hear appreciation, especially those who were struggling. Rebuilding their confidence was key to improving their performance. Saying “Thank You” made the difference.

“Thank You. It means so much to me…”

Thank others for their kindness and the impact that they or their actions made or make in your life. A professional or personal relationship will benefit greatly by letting the other person or business know how they affected you. Many people are unaware that they make a difference in the lives of others. Express your gratitude and be specific. Your words will be appreciated.

“Thank You. I couldn’t have done it without you (or your)…”

Thanking someone for their assistance, support, cooperation, guidance, friendship or love can be a significant way to express your gratefulness. Sometimes just having someone in your corner, or when someone helps you through life’s challenges, makes a huge difference in our lives. Expressing your gratefulness with a thank you message for their help is a great way to repay someone for their efforts, and to let them know how it was appreciated.

“Thank You SO much!”

Embellish your thank you’s to let your recipient know that it’s more than just an everyday thank you. “Thank you for everything!”, “ Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!” , “A big Thank You!” and other expressions can create importance and stand out amongst the other thank you’s they receive.

“Thank your for your thoughtfulness…”

Thanking someone for a gift or their thoughtfulness is very important, and many times gets forgotten. Try to remember to write or say your thank you’s as soon as possible after receiving a gift. Recognizing that they took the time and were thoughtful in their selection should be appreciated. A gift at a wedding, baby or bridal shower, birthday, retirement, or other event should be acknowledged and appreciated. Always thank them for their participation, whether in person or in spirit in your special event. A hand written thank you is best, but other methods are fine, as long as it’s not forgotten.

SAY THANK YOU to your business associates and clients. Businesses can increase loyalty and enhance the experience the client has with a handwritten or custom thank you note. Very few businesses take the time to personalize thank you's, or omit them altogether. Your clients are your reason for success, so thanking them should be as important as the care you devote to producing a great product or service. Your business will stand out amongst others, and your customers will remember your thoughtfulness.  

Never pass up the opportunity to say "Thank You!".