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Express Your Thanks!

SAYING "THANK YOU" is the easiest way to make a difference in someone’s day, deepen friendships, increase loyalty to a business, and genuinely express gratitude. Why is it that the words “Thank You” often go unnoticed or unacknowledged when we hear it often in everyday life? Just saying “Thank You” has lost its meaning and power. We expect it and dismiss it when we check out at a store, condu…


Our new favorite obsession...Macarons! It's easy to love these colorful French macarons. There's even a Macaron Day on March 20th! Celebrated in New York City, Paris and other cities to create excitement for the Parisian cookie, while benefitting great causes, so mark your calendar! What are macarons? Macarons are delightfully sweet cookies with an airy texture, soft crunchy shells and a slig…